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"Aphro Care" is a movement, "Aphro Care " is a revolution to bring smile over a scared face.

Experience is the mastery of an event through direct or indirect involvement. It is just gaining knowledge for tomorrow while working for today. The beauty of the process in our context is the doctor learns from his patients.

During last eventful years we learned a lot from our patients through “Aphro Care”. “Aphro Care” is a mission, to support people living with the misery of sexual disability. Some of our patients were from the villages where the tradition of conjugal life, medicine and practice are still alive. Some of them belong to the uneducated and financially poor group. We took all the needful steps (Believe us, it was not painful) to help and support them. The educated and workaholic people from the urban area were dying for a quality time. We worked hard with great pleasure to program treatment for them also. Every time our patients give us some good tips which we say experience. “Aphro Care” conserves these experience for a better tomorrow.

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"Aphro Care" is a movement, "Aphro Care" is a revolution to bring smile over a scared face.