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"Aphro Care" is a movement, "Aphro Care " is a revolution to bring smile over a scared face.


Welcome To Aphrocare, The Sex Clinic in Bhubaneswar

Aphrocare - An Ayurvedic sex clinic bhubaneswar, a sexologist, a treatment for sexual problem is always in demand. It may be in Bhubaneswar, in Odisha or in India. It is hard to find a sexologist doctor or a specialized department for sexual disorder management. No so much research is done over sex medicine. Most of the time sexual disorder, disease, dysfunction or deformity are managed by some other doctors. A specialized sexologist or sex consultant in a sex clinic can give justice to the patient. Yet this is to be understood by the modern people but in ancient India sex was regarded as a important part of life.Vaghbhatta the great scholar in Ayurveda says food, sleep and sex are the three sub-pillars of life. This single sentence indicates the importance of food, sleep and sex in life. At our context we can say, laterally he narrates that sex is as important as food and sleep in life. He has mentioned the importance of sex and celibacy. He described the quality and quantity of sex. He designed guidelines for conjugal life and narrated dimension of its benefit.

Sexual health and love making come under the department of aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiac care is a thousands of years old concept. This is one part of the eight parts of Ayurveda (Astang Ayurveda). Otherwise it is known as Vajikarana or Vrisha chiktsa (treatment).

Unfortunately aphrodisiac treatment is considered to be a matter of discomfort and inconvenience in the society. A department for this is opened nowhere in the world. Illiterate doctors take chance of this. They name it Gupt Roga ( hidden disease, which should not be discussed openly) and exploit the patient. We have taken the initiative to break the barrier. We named the mission “Aphro Care”. Give your hand, run with us. Let’s transform gupt rog (topic of hidden disease) into mukt rog (topic of discussion).

Experience is the mastery of an event through direct or indirect involvement. It is just gaining knowledge for tomorrow while working for today. The beauty of the process in our context is the doctor learns from his patients.

During last eventful years we learned a lot from our patients through “Aphro Care”. “Aphro Care” is a mission, to support people living with the misery of sexual disability. Some of our patients were from the villages where the tradition of conjugal life, medicine and practice are still alive. Some of them belong to the uneducated and financially poor group. We took all the needful steps (Believe us, it was not painful) to help and support them. The educated and workaholic people from the urban area were dying for a quality time. We worked hard with great pleasure to program treatment for them also. Every time our patients give us some good tips which we say experience. “Aphro Care” conserves these experience for a better tomorrow.

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"Aphro Care" is a movement, "Aphro Care" is a revolution to bring smile over a scared face.