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The web portal sexologist-in-india belongs to the mother institute About sexologist-in-indiaAstang Ayurveda. Astang Ayureda Panchakarma Hospital is known as a Vata Roga (disease) hospital. The basic principle of Ayurveda finds all diseases under the Vata irregularity. The eminent sex doctors at our hospital believe that sex disease comes under the Vata disorder. There are a number of sex clinic in Bhubaneswar. Also we find many ayurvedic sex clinics in Odisha. But none of them are up to mark. sexologist-in-india

Astang Ayurveda hospital is equipped with the skill of Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurveda pancha karma treatment. We prepare a number of time tested medicine ourselves. These are the medicines which our Guru used to prepare on regular basis. Also we collect the best selected medicines from the reputed medicine manufactures. sexologist-in-india

The doctors at Astang Ayurveda are very decisive in practice. Whenever the medicine renders slow action, they take care of the Ayurveda panchakarma treatment to ensure the treatment. sexologist-in-india


All the practice at Astang Ayurveda are done through the Dosh Dhatu theory. Among the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha, Vata is the most powerful. Vata is the king. It rules over the other doshas. When Vata is vitiated it causes Dhatu kshay ( Tissue degeneration like small penis, girth of penis, low testosterone i.e. Low T), karma kshay (Loss of function like Erectile dysfunction ED, penetration, premature ejaculation etc) and also psychological impairment like loss of interest in sex (Low libido or Libido disorder), sexual dissatisfaction, impaired orgasm, frigidity etc.

Sex disease consultants at our hospital do not just prescribe patent medicine for your sex problem. They find out the reason behind the sexual dysfunction through the Ayurvedic basic principle. They find out the best Ayurvedic sex medicine. They program the best Ayuevedic sex treatment.