Sex Treatment

Sex treatment is a holistic approach in Ayurveda. It includes the balancing of dosha, dhatu, mala, agni (digestion power), indriya (sense organs), mental and psychological activity. The line of treatment of sex disease includes marga shodhana (opening the blockage of channels), dosha shodhna (detoxification program), Rasayan sevana (Geriatric care), Vajikarana sevana (Aphrodisiac care), yoga, pranayam, meditation, exercise etc.

Sex Treatment

The detoxification program helps in opening the channels. Detoxification is achieved by different types of Ayurveda treatments. Somewhere Ayurveda panchakarma treatment is called Kerla Ayurvedic treatment. There are a number of treatment narrated in Ayurveda.

Sex disease is a “Sukravrita Vata Roga”. Sex treatment is done by Virechan and Harshana. Along with other therapy is a incorporated for Sex Treatment.

Sex treatment includes Ayurvedic sex medicines. The sex medicine includes Rasayan and Vajikaran. Sex is like an appetite.  Appetite decreases with age. The appetite can be conserved by conserving the age. Age is conserved by preventing aging. Aging can be slowed down by consuming Rasayana treatment. Rasayan  chikitsa or Geriatric treatment is one of the eight oldest department of Ayurveda.

Rasayana treatment helps maintain the physical and mental fitness.